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Your restaurant menu on your client's smartphone.

Upload your menu in pdf or just simply create it on our platform back office. That's all!

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menu19app Your new digital menu
menu19app Your new digital menu

Menu19 Restauração Restaurants

Menu19 for Restaurants

Menu19 HotelariaHotels

Menu19 for Hotels

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menu19. Why?

QR CODES Menus for restaurants, bars, cocktail bars, discos, night clubs and pastry shops

The health and well-being of your customers and employees are important to you and your business.

Immediately replace your conventional menu with a digital version accessible by everyone.

Multi Language

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Coming soon in: PT-FR-ES-DE-RU

  • Print and display the QR code on the tables or outside your restaurant.
  • Save the QR code on your mobile phone and present it to your customers when you attend them at the table.
  • Copy & paste the QR code on your restaurant's website.
  • No need to ZOOM in order to properly read what's available on the menu!
  • After creating your account your restaurant will also be promoted on our website, stating your space is safe and digitally prepared for your clients.
  • Show your customers you care - Brand enhancement
  • Simple! No need to have Technical or design skills. Just click and it's done!

How to join Menu19

  • Please follow the steps below.
    It's really simple.

How it works?

Try it now!

  • A custom-generate QRCODE is generated with your logo!
  • "Point your smartphone camera to the QRCODE in order to access the link with the delicious menu."
  • The smartphone will detect and present the menu link.
menu19 Example


Plan Price
interactive Digital Menus: QRCODE
(Annual Plan)
£150 + VAT

Monthly amount £12.5 per month.

Payment Methods

After payment you will be able to immediately create your digital menu.